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DANA, James Dwight,- American 'mineral ogist: b. Utica, N. Y., 12 Feb. 1813; d. New Haven, Conn., 14 April 1895; .He 'showed an interest in science from his early youth, and,this was encouraged by Fay Edgerton, his teacher In Utica High School. In 1830 he • matricu lated at Yale, where studied the elder Silliman; whose reputation had at vtraeted him. 'After 'devoting three years to the study of mathematics, the classics and natural science, he received an appointment as instructor -istrinathernatics to midshipMen In . the United •,States navy,- and cruised in the Mediterranean ,while engaged on this duty. From .1836 to 1838 .he assisted Professor Silliman in his chemical laboratory- at Yale, and there wrote. Wks:first lnfintrtant i (Tbe.Systate 45k adineYalogY.

iigialtod1842ii he meted- niinettist and geologist to the United fig r t e*editions.send out tinder-Capt.) CharltaWilkes -.to investigate . the Pacific •Ocean -and-Its ,:natural historY...Diiring-the.next years} lie worked up .:the :ttiaterial, 'which he had 'sal . lected eXpedition into tnany. idea tiAc 'articles. .This-la 'his health- ,In ,-1844- he reterriecitb New Haydn, mihere he.mat i ried the daughterof Professor Sillimen. r-When the latter resigned' in 1850,-:Dwight 'was ap rpointed Sillimarc professor of natural 'hisioty ,and geology -at: and held this chairs till 1892, when he retired. In 1846.he becatmei'jhbnt Professor Siiliman of the Aouvicon Journal of Science and Arts, and after the death of his -teacher- he .beman6; doe i chief f Dana lad-'a. keen, ,analytigi Mind. His the fonnationt of (-continents, mciuntains, volcanoes 'and- tidier -major features of the earthh crust still Posseks the' utmost value. He was a•member ofinany ,'of the great learnecisocieties of the 'world;tittd was president I of 'the:American Associationn:fir i,the Advancement' of, 'Science in 1854; and of /the Geological &prim* of the Wollaston medal 'of The, Geologi ,dal 'SociistYiof London 1874 and the.Copley

-medal of the-Royal Society! of London in 1817. -iHts published and. papers. Of theft Aheamoin important' are those which record die -results of the -Wilkes as' to geology, lizoophyten (with new species); and erns - tacea (with, 658 new species)," and his , (1848); later Manual iof Mineralogy and Lithology> r (4ttt et, 1887) ;