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DANA Marvin, American ,-writer-; b. Cornwall; IVt., 2 'March 1867. • His 'published . works'. include .'''hater Christi and '-':Either •, of General.-Custer"; His tory of ,the Mormons); t' Wars of the CenturYl; Studies- in. Grinlinialogy>1; BrieVUniversal oz DIANA; atithild4lAirierittitilltit4uti; 111 Cahill brktgd,itias4., .7 ' 17 May' 1772: !;;He: was a grandson of Richard Dina; rthefirstni the.. flintily] Who: cam* from England; and Cambridge" in 116400 'After; ? at: Marblehead • and ; Charlestown, • he' removed: to I Beston,• where het :became's leading' barrister: , He was distinguished Ifor :his •..prornitieaee the measures of rresiiitance Which' iniMediatehti preteded the ResolirtiOn. . He was' of leading '•figirre':andl Boston, tation: meeting's from 1763 , to 1772., 1e west' the eastern ,of • ;Boston in those 'troubled 'tithes! to address' the country at I :, on public affairs under the form of published instructions to the representatives of the town. atid - -the 'Adanises were, on for- thii; purpose. Dana. was always.a member,:and Often; at their head- He repOtted ;the -oi: 20; Nov_ 1767 and 8-.Mity .1770, noted; at that timed He waS.a member of the association of the.Sons I of and; at their .• celebrated iseeting ofd 17 Dec. 1769, :Secretary. the of df the Stamp ;An -, and madel and signed , a' scilenvi official-1zi of , that fact In 1770 he iwas a.member * ; T the committee which'. 'made ' an .: !investigation. I of the' Boston M-assacie. . ; .— .--: 1, • • • • ,'; .

LAMA, ,1*liiird .04:Eld 44, cS d. essayi$t: b. ttr,aleg . -Ig", , NO. 17 /,.;' , t o, ton, ,2 e, ,..1, 9: ,- 'I-1e was a ,, '. son of Franeis'• ,ana (q.v,)•;. stud d at Harvard' College 'and was admitted to die bar. in 1811."1-le :was •cdnnected with the North' American .Review• from its • coninienceineitt ' in 1815, and his earliest writings first appeared' in • that periodical,, of which he became joint-editor' in 1818., His lectnreS on 'ShakesPeare't

atters,' delivered in the principal cities of 'the', Atlantic coast (1839-40), awakened a deep'finb-; lie interest - principal poems' at 'The Change of (1824) 'The PYing Raven )' 'The - Buccaneers> (1827) specially! noteworthyfor' its deScriptions iot the vicissi tudes of ocean scenery To a prdieal ptibli•i. cation, The Idle Man 1821-22); of' which' he was editor, he- Cent bitted critical• papers and several stmies'; attiorig them: :"Paui• Fenton' and Mary.? '• ' ' - " '' - , DANA, Richest:1 Henry, and Miseellaeeous. writer :, 144!E4 Aug., 1815;, d. Italy, 7 Jan,; 1042 ' lie( was a 'son-of the .orecleding. He uard College in ,1832, but :compelled. on account of an affection of the eyes to suspend in 1834, he undertook a, voyage to California in the capacity of a common sailor. , This be described in a very interesting (TWo, Years,Before the Mast' (1840, enlarged, edition/ 1t869:: latest edition by W. T.,Greeie.1.1, New York and London1911), :which skill remains; a classic in Bea . stories. Returning AP ,college, he completed his law and was, admitted. to ,thei•Bostritii bar, in • 1.8f0,:soon a, large number of , admiralty , In ,1841 ho., a, 4 matise , on • seamanship, Seal man's. ( republished in as (The Seernares Manual' ), contain inx: treatise,, on practical seamanship, a, oseiuldictionary;of' 'sea, terms, and valuable information on.; inariti.mq law. In he made a voyageround the -Visiting the Sandwich , lslandii • China, Japan,'. and returning therein* Europelfr: 186111;he ;wail appointed United Massachusetts. and was-loounsel for the United Stints in the; pro-H ceedings against' Jefferson Davis for in 1 106768. In .1866 he. Published a copiously ianno. tated•editiOn Wheaton's df Inter. ; national LaTil> 1 (See Two BEFORE ' THE MASI)); fCCIOSUlt Adatig, (Richard Henry Dana: I a. . •