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DAUTHENDEY, Max, German poet : b. Wiirzburg, 1867. He is descended from an old family of the nobility, which came to Germany from France and England in the 16th century. His father achieved some dis tinction as a pupil of Daguerre in Paris and subsequently as court photographer in Saint Petersburg. From that city he migrated to Wfirzburg where in 1867 his son was born. Of a highly imaginative disposition from his earliest childhood young Dauthendey exhib ited no little aptitude for painting, although his strongest inclination lay in the direction of poetry, to which he soon decided to devote himself. He never attended the university, but pursued his studies at the Gymnasium of his native city far enough to qualify for the shorter, one-year term of military service. An inveter ate traveler, he visited Paris, England and Sicily in 1896, Mexico the following year, Greece in 1898, and in 1906 made a trip around the world. The poetic chronicle of his im pressions from these journeys is his 'Die ge flfigelte Erde> (Munich 1910), which bears the subtitle 'A Song of Love and the Wonders of the Seven Seas) and ranges from the fish market of Cairo to the sky-scrapers of New York. Dauthendey is a lyricist of some origin

ality and power, although it must be said that his earlier poems Violett,) 1893), novels and plays sucht,) 1895) are marred by excessive striving after a bizarre and fantastic virtuosity. Since 1907 he has produced a considerable bulk of poetry, of which the best is probably contained in his 'Insichversunkene Lieder im Laub) (1908). Perhaps the most agreeable quality in his verse is his delicate nature-sense. His drama 'Ein Schatten fief fiber den (1911) is a sordid exposition of marital infeli city. Among other collections of his lyrics and longer works are (1899) ; (Liebes lieder) (1905) ; (1907) ; 'Lachen and Sterben,) two one-act plays (1911) ; and 'Der Geist meines Vaters> (1912), which pur ports to be a history of his family.