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DAVENPORT, Iowa, city of Scott County, of which it is the county-seat, on the western bank of the Mississippi, opposite Rock Island, 330 miles above Saint Louis, and 184 miles west by south of Chicago, on the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern, the Chicago, Mil waukee and Saint Paul, the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific and other railways. It is situated at the foot of the Upper Rapids of the Mississippi, on the slope of a steep bluff which extends for three miles along the river and commands an extensive view. It is connected with the Illinois shore by an iron railway and carriage bridge, built in part by the Federal government, and costing $1,200,000, and an iron railway bridge costing $800,000. On Rock Island, which is crossed by the former structure, are the central United States arsenal and armory, military headquarters and other government buildings. The surrounding re gion is important both agriculturally and for its coal mines. Davenport ships large quanti ties of farm produce, river-packets from Saint Paul to Saint Louis furnishing means of trans portation in addition to that of the railways. The flour and grain business is an important one. Among the numerous Manufactured prod ucts are lumber and planing-mill products, brick and stone, bread and other bakery prod ucts, carriages and wagons, agricultural im plements, woolen goods, glucose and its prod ucts, foundry and machine-shop products, cordage, pottery, furniture, cigars and cooper age products. Wholesale slaughtering and meat-packing is also carried on here. The United States census of manufactures for 1914 showed for Davenport 231 industrial es tablishments of factory grade; employing 5,292 persons, of whom 3,958 were wage earners, receiving annually V,402,000 in wages. The

capital invested totaled $13,413,000, and the year's output was valued at $17,173,000 of this, $7,057,000 was the value added by manufacture.

Davenport has an Academy of Natural Sciences, the organization having been begun 14 Dec. 1867; Saint Luke's, Mercy and other hospitals; a public library; two opera-houses; a Masonic temple and other important buildings. It is the seat of Saint Ambrose College and other educational institutions, and of the State Orphanage; and it is an episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Episcopal Church. The Academy of Natural Sciences regularly publishes

Davenport was founded in 1835, in the autumn of which year a company, led by Col. George Davenport, long a resident on Rock Island, was formed for the purchase of a site. In 1838 it was incorporated as a town, and in 1851 a city charter was obtained from the legis lature and adopted. The Chicago and Rock Island Railway was chartered in 1851 and com pleted in February 1854. The government is by a mayor, biennially elected, and a city coun cil, comprising the mayor and aldermen elected by wards and at large. The annual income is about $540,000; the expenditure is $500,000. Pop. 47,000.