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DAVIS, Richard Harding, Americanjour nalist and popular novelist: b. Philadelphia. Pa., 1864; d. Mount Kisco, N. Y., 11 April 1916. His mother was Rebecca Harding Davis. He was educated at Lehigh and at Johns Hop kins; became a reporter on the Philadelphia Record in 1887; and in 1888 went to New York where his striking stories of local life, first printed in the New York Evening Sun, brought him into prominence. For a short period he was managing editor of Harper's Weekly From that time on he roved wherever he pleased or where editors sent him. His first war correspondence came out of the conflict between Greece and Turkey. Later he (cov ered" all the important wars for various news papers and magazines — the Spanish-American, South African and Russo-Japanese wars. In 1914 he was correspondent for the New York Tribune in Mexico during the seizure of Vera Cruz. In August 1914 Mr. Davis was captured by the Germans and narrowly escaped being shot for a spy. His last assignment was with the French and British armies in the retreat from Serbia, and the hardships of his cor respondent's life is believed to have brought on the attack of angina pectoris which caused his death. A high type of fearless American jour

nalism is exhibited ir. his travel sketches and war correspondence. While not deeply analytical, his stories and novels are full of action and the characters impress by independence and ex uberant vitality. Among his books are lagher and Other Stories) (1891) - 'Stories for Boys' (1891) Bibber and °titers' (1892) ; English Cousins) (1894) ; 'About Pans) (1895) ; 'The Rulers of the Mediterranean' (1894) ; The Exiles> (1895) • Three Gringos in Venezuela and Central America' (1896) • in War Time) (1898) ' • The Cuban and Porto Rican Campaign' (1898) • 'With Both Armies in South (1901:); 'The Prin cess Mine) (1896) ; King's Jackal' (1899) ; of Fortune' (1897), dramatized with great success in 1902; 'Captain Macklin: His Memoirs) (1902) ; 'The Bar Sinister' (1904) .• 'Kits and Outfits) (1905) ; 'Real Soldiers of (1907) ; 'The Man Who Could Not Lose> (1911) ; (The Lost Road) (1913) ' - (The Taming of Helen) (1903) • Folly> (1904) ; 'The Dictator> (604) ; and the fol lowing plays 1903-13 'The Galloper' ; 'Yankee 'Vera the and 'Black mail.'