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De Rosset

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DE ROSSET, Armand John, American physician: b. Wilmington, N. C., 17 Nov. 1767; d. there, 1 April 1859. He was the son of Moses John De Rosset of London and Mary Ivie, a native of the West Indies. In 1784 he was matriculated at Princeton. At the close of the first session of his collegiate course a fellow-student, Robert G. Harper, observing his rigid economy and close attention to duties and his determination to remain at the college during vacation for want of funds to defray the expenses of the journey home, offered to be his teacher in the studies of the next year. The offer was gladly accepted and at the open ing of the next session De Rosset was promoted to an advanced class, completing his course in three years. While at the medical college he enjoyed the friendship of Dr. Rush, with whom he had a long correspondence. He was ap pointed by the President of the United States to be post-physician, which office he held for many years. During two or more terms he

served in the town government. His writings were confined to contributions to medical publi cations a pamphlet