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DEFREGGER, Franz von, Austrian genre painter: b. Stronach, Tyrol, 30 April 1835. The son of a peasant, he early showed a talent for drawing and wood carving, which he practised untutored while tending his father's cattle. His career began late, for he lacked instruction till, in 18613, he went to Inns bruck to study sculpture under Michael Stolz, who, discovering his greater talent for painting, sent him to Munich, where he studied at the Academy under Anschfitz. He later became a pupil of Piloty, to whose influence he is indebted for his technique. He soon found the sphere in which he was to score success the delineation of Tyrolese everyday life and of many stirring episodes in the history of his native land. His (1869, Fer dinandeum, Innsbruck), a patriotic scene of soulful conception, and (Wrestling Match in Tyrol' (1870), a spirited representation of this popular sport of his countrymen, were received with great favor, and most of his subsequent efforts quickly found their way into the principal galleries of Germany and Austria. Among these

may be noted (The Last Summons' (1874, Vi enna Museum), an episode of the rising of the Tyrolese in 1809; (Return of the Tyrolese Rifle men in 1809' (1876, National Gallery, Berlin) ; Hofer on his Way to Execution' (1878, Konigsberg Museum) ; (Storming of the Red Tower at Munich in 1705' (1881, Pinako thek Munich).

He appears to even greater advantage in his village genre scenes, such as (The Prize Horse' (1872) ; The Zither Player' (1876, Vienna Museum) ; the ironical (Fashionable Tyrolese' (1882, National Gallery, Berlin) Fortune Teller' (1891); (Before the Dance' (1892). Keen insight into character and quaint humor are the main features of his com positions. He passed most of his life in Munich, where he became professor at the Academy in 1878, and was ennobled in 1883. A (Defregger Album,' with text by Rosegger, was published in Vienna (2d ed., 1889-92). Consult Meissner, von De f regger> (Berlin 1900).