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Del Mar

money and history

DEL MAR, Alexander, American political economist: b. New York, 9 Aug. 1836. He was educated at New York University and in Europe. He edited the Daily American Times in 1854; Hunt's Merchants' Magazine 1860; the Social Science Review in 1864; and the Fi nancial Chronicle in 1865. In the latter year he organized and was director of the United States Bureau of Statistics, Navigation, Emi gration and Commerce (now the Department of Commerce and Labor). He was appointed United States delegate to the International Con gress at Turin 1866; The Hague 1868; Saint Petersburg 1872. In 1876, he became mining commissioner of the United States Monetary Commission. He is president of the Latin-Amer ican Chamber of Commerce; member of the Societe de Statistique de Paris, of the Societe Astronomique de France, of the Ligue de l'En seignement de Bruxelles, H and numerous politico economical societies. e has written 'Gold

Money and Paper Money) (1862) ; Productions and Social Conditions of Egypt, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, 'His tory of the Precious Metals) 1879) ; 'History of Money in Ancient States) 1881) ; of Monetary Systems) (3d e ., 1901) ; 'Fluc tuations of Law of 'Essay on and Civiliza tion) (1885); 'The Science of Money) (1889 ; 'History of Monetary Crimes) (1899) ; (His tory of Money in Modern States' ;