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Delphin Classics

latin, authors and notes

DELPHIN CLASSICS (Auctores Classici in taunt Serenissimi Delpluni), a collection of the works of the Latin classic authors, pre pared by order of Louis XIV, at the sugges tion of the Duke of Montausier for the use of the dauphin of France. The Duke of Montau sier was the dauphin's governor, and in making a selection of authors, texts and editors, em ployed the services of Bossuet, '

case of all difficult phrases occurring anywhere in the prose authors. The complete works of the several classics, as far as extant, are given; as well as the spurious works commonly attrib uted to them. A valuable feature of this col lection is the very complete verbal index to the works of each author. In the years 1819-30 Valpy, of. London, republished the De1phin Classics, with the whole of the notes and inter pretations, but usually with the texts as amended by later critical research. To the notes of the Delphin edition Valpy added very voluminous Note, Variorum These last far ex ceed in bulk both the text and notes of the original Delphin Classics. Consult Sandys, History of Classical Scholarship) (Vol. II, Cambridge 1908).