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DENON, de-non, Dominique Vivant, BARON DI, French artist, diplomatist and author: b. Chilons-sur-Saone, 4 Feb. 1747; d. Paris, 27 April 1825. He studied law and drawing with Halle. He was attached to embassies at Petro grad, Switzerland and Naples, successively. At Ferney, Switzerland, he painted the portrait of Voltaire and drew the well•Imown picture Wejeilner de Ferney.> At Naples he took ad vantage of the opportunity to collect old masters and make portraits; and with the Abbe Saint Non wrote 'Voyage pittoresque de Naples et de Sicffie> (1788)). Becoming acquainted with Bonaparte, he accompanied the general in his campaigns to Italy and Egypt, and Desaix to Upper Egypt. The work which was the result of his journey, was issued in 1802. When he returned to Paris with Bonaparte he was appointed in spector-general of the museums and all the works of art executed in honor of the French successes—'monuments, coins, the erection of the triumphal pillar in the Place de VendOme, etc. He accompanied Napoleon in all his cam

paigns, and employed himself in drawing and in selecting those masterpieces in the conquered countries, which were taken to Paris as trophies. After the abdication of the emperor he retained his office, but was deprived of it in 1815, in consequence of having joined Napoleon on his return from Elba. He retained, however, his place in the institute. From that time he lived retired, and the preparation of engravings and lithographs of his splendid collection of works of art formed the occupation of his last years. In 1826 appeared at Paris the In 1872-73 his etchings were published with an introduction by La Frizelere.