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Sir Craddock

squadron, admiral and german

CRADDOCK, SIR Christopher, British rear-admiral: b. 1862; d. 1 Nov. 1914. He served in the Sudan in 1881 and in China 1900. During the South African war he acted as transport service officer. Early in August 1914, after the outbreak of the war, Cradock was sent with a small squadron to protect the southern trade routes. He began by sweeping the North Atlantic, sailed through the West Indies to the coasts of Venezuela and Brazil, touched at the Falkland Islands, and toward the end of Octo ber he was cruising up the Chilean coast in the Pacific. The object of Cradock's mission was to seek the German Pacific squadron of Admiral von Spee, which had sailed from Kiao-Chau early in August. It was known to the British Admiralty that Cradock's squadron of slow and old vessels was no match for the German squadron of new and swift vessels of superior gun range. Reinforcements were daily expected from Britain or the Mediterranean, but for some unknown reasons these were not forth coming. The Surgeon of Cradocic's flagship,

the Good Hope, wrote on 25 Oct. 1914: ░We think the Admiralty have forgotten their trade route squadron 10,000 miles from London town. Five German cruisers against ns. What's the betting on the field? Pray to your Penates we may prevent them concentrating.░ At 4 in the afternoon on 1 November the German squadron was sighted off Coronel. In the battle that en sued the Good Hope and the Monmouth were sunk, and Craddock went down with his ship. On 8 Dec. 1914 Von Spee's squadron was destroyed off the Falkland Islands by a British squadron under Admiral Sturdee. In June 1916 Mr. Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, stated that ░the ships which composed Admiral Cradock's command bore no relation to Admiral von Spee's squadron at the other side of the world, and were never intended to be matched against it.░ See WAIL, EUROPEAN ŚNAVAL OPERATIONS.