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DELFT, or DELP, Holland, town in the province South Holland, six miles southeast of The Hague and eight miles northwest of Rotter dam. It stands on a dead flat, and is intersected in all directions by canals, which are crossed by 69 bridges, mostly of stone. These canals make the great market-place with its public build ings an island, approached by nine bridges. The counterscarps of the old ramparts are now planted with trees, and form public walks. The town-hall (Stadhuis), in the market-place, is a' large, solid-looking building, with a heavy square tower rising from its roof. The Prinsen-' hof, once the occasional residence of William I of Orange, and the scene of his assassination: (10 July 1584), is now a military barrack. The old Reformed church contains the monuments of Admirals Tromp and Hein, the famous naturalist Leeuwenhoek, and other worthies. The magnificent mausoleum of William, and the burial-place of the Orange family, are in the New Church (1412-76) ; and from its huge square tower the town and neighborhood are from time to time regaled with the richest music from a chime of three octaves; the New Church contains also the tomb of Hugo Grotius.

Delft has long been the seat of an arsenal, and was formerly the centre of the manufacture of the kind of pottery called delftware or del, an industry now revived under the name of °New Delf." The chief manufactures now carried on comprise firearms, carpets, leather, soap, oil and Fin. Delft was founded in 1075 and received its charter in 1246. It was almost wholly con sumed by fire in 1536; and in 1654 the powder magazine of the arsenal exploded accidentally, when not a single house entirely escaped, and many persons were killed or maimed. Pop. 34,485.