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german, clemens and denina

DENHART, or DENHARDT, Clemens and Gustave, German explorers: b. Zeitz 1852 and 1856, respectively. They made a tour in 1878, through the Tana River region, East Africa, to establish German trade, and another from the island of Lamu to Vitu in March 1885, the sultan of the Swahili desiring a treaty with Germany based upon proposals made by him 18 years previously. Clemens Denhart trans ferred part of the territory acquired by him to the German Colonist Society, the Deutsche Witugesellschaft All rights to this territory were ceded by Germany to England in 1890, in exchange for the island of Helgoland, the brothers receiving an indemnity of 150,000 marks from the German government. An im portant work by Clemens Denhart was pub lished in 1883 in the Mitteilungen des Vereins fiir Erdkunde at Leipzig under the title (Anlei tung zu geographischen Arbeiten bei For schungsreisen.) Spain, seaport on the east coast of Alicante. Roman antiquities abound in the neighborhood. The harbor is small and

there is a lighthouse. Raisins and salt are the principal articles of commerce.

DENINA, Carlo Giacomo Maria, Italian historian: b. Revello, Piedmont, 28 Feb. 1731; d. Paris, 5 Dec. 1813. He studied at Turin, and in 1758 became a professor in the university there. In 1769 he published the first three volumes of his 'Dale rivoluzioni ntalia,' his most important work, which was finished in 1772. He went to Berlin in 1782, and was appointed a member of the Academy. He published 'La Prusse litteraire sous Frederic ; 'Political and Literary History of Greece) ; and 'Letters from Brandenburg,' etc. His 'Clef des Langues,' dedicated to Napoleon, brought him the position of librarian to the emperor. His was trans lated into English by Langhorne (London 1773). Consult Surra, de Carlo Denina' (Turin 1902).