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water, creatine and solution

CREATIVE, or KREATINE, a crystalline, nitrogenous substance having the formula C.H.N80.-F H2O, and known to chem ists as "methyl guanido acetic acid. It exists in the muscular flesh of mammals, birds, rep tiles and fishes, and also, in smaller quantities, in brain-tissue and in urine. It may be ex tracted by chopping up lean muscular flesh (freed from fat), rubbing it with water at about 140 F. and removing the water by pressure. The liquid so obtained is heated on a water bath to coagulate the albumin and then strained. Sub-acetate of lead is added to the filtrate so long as it gives a precipitate, excess of lead is removed by sulphuretted hydrogen and the filtrate is concentrated on a water bath. Crystals of creatine then separate out, the yield being larger if two or three volumes of alcohol are added. The crystals are re dissolved, decolorized by filtration through ani mal charcoal and purified by recrystallization. Creatine crystallizes in monoclinic prisms con taining one molecule of water. Its aqueous

solution has a bitter taste and is strongly al kaline to litmus. With silver nitrate it gives a white precipitate, which is soluble in caustic potash. If -I. small quantity of silver nitrate is added to a saturated solution of creatine, to gethei with just sufficient caustic potash to dis solve the precipitate formed, the solution pres ently solidifies to a transparent gelatinous mass, which, when heated, deposits metallic silver. Creatine is dissolved by strong acids, losing one molecule of water and becoming converted into creatinine. It is also decomposed by boiling with baryta water, yielding sarcosine (GHTNO2) and urea (CH,N,O). Creatine may he pre pared synthetically by allowing an alcoholic or aqueous solution of sarcosine and cyanamide, CN.NI-13, to evaporate spontaneously, crystals of creatine separating out as the evaporation proceeds. See also CREATININE.