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Affections of the Bladder in Women

hot, frequent and passage


Painful, difficult, or frequent passing of water very often occurs in women as a consequence of some affection of the womb or genital passage. Inflammation of the passage (p. 655) is apt to spread up to the canal leading to the bladder, and cause frequent desire to pass water, an act which is likely, under these circumstances, to be attended by a hot, smart ing, or burning pain. The same condition may cause spasm at the neck of the bladder, and lead to inability to pass the urine. Specially likely is it that an irritating discharge will set up such a condition and lead to much pain and discomfort, a result that constant care and cleanliness would do much to avoid. A dis placed womb, by pressure on the bladder, will readily set up an irritable condition, manifested by pain and a frequent desire to pass water, or will block more or less the passage from the bladder and occasion difficulty of as the act of passing water is called. Tumours connected with the generative organs may have similar effects. Besides the prominent symp toms of frequent or painffil or difficult mictu rition, there is often produced considerable difficulty in walking, and in turn the walking aggravates the other symptoms. Painful and

difficult or frequent micturition may also be quite independent of any disorder of womb or genital passage, and may be occasioned by some unnatural state of the urine, undue acidity, or otherwise altered characters, the result of disease of the kidney or bladder or some con stitutional state.

Treatment.óRest and the use of hot appli cations give very speedy relief. Heat may be applied in the form of hot-water injections, hot cloths, or hot bottles close up to the parts, or the patient may sit down in a hot bath. Medi cated pessaries are also of great value. These are made of cacao butter, in the shape of minia ture sugar-loaves, some soothing drug being mixed with the cacao butter. The best arc those made with extract of belladonna. Each pessary should contain. 1 to 3 grains of this extract. The pessary is pushed well into the genital passage, a diaper is then put on, and the patient should rest for some time.