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Affections of the External Generative Organs

passage, itching, treatment, warm, zinc and vaseline

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The skin in the neighbourhood of the exter nal opening of the genital canal is liable to many of the affections common to the skin in other parts, and such affections may affect the membrane lining the entrance to the passage.

Thrush, for example, such as occurs in white patches in the mouths of children, is not infrequent. Refer to p. 599. The treatment described there is to be adopted.

Herpes (p. 424) is also found. It soon dis appears if kept smeared with vaseline or zinc ointment, and if cleanliness be exercised.

Inflammatory Blush (p. 419), due to irri tating discharges or the rubbing of opposed surface, is to he treated by bathing with warm water, then drying carefully, and dusting with oxide of zinc powder.

Erysipelas is to be treated as advised on p.


Eczema (p. 425) is usually due to irritating discharges, to dribbling of urine, and is fre quently the result of diabetes (p. 407). It occurs in very fat women, who perspire freely and are not sufficiently given to frequent bath ing. It may spread from the inner surface of the passage outwards over the skin, down the thighs, and up over the belly, and round to the opening of the bowel. The surface is red and leaking, crusts form owing to the drying of the discharges, and bleeding cracks are produced. The parts are extremely sore and smarting, and painfully itching. The intolerable itching causes frequent scratching, which tears the tender sur face, causing it to bleed. The main part of the treatment is scrupulous cleanliness. The parts should be bathed several times a day with warm water, and some mild soap—glycerine or tar soap. Any discharge from the passage, or any other apparent cause, must, of course, be got rid of. Bathing with warm lime-water or warm water to which a pinch of carbonate of (baking) soda is added, relieves the itching. An ointment may then be used made of oleate of zinc (60 grains) and vaseline (2 ounces), or oleate of bismuth (60 grains) and vaseline (1 ounce), or chrisma sulphur. In the absence of these the ordinary oxide of zinc ointment, made with vaseline instead of lard, will do ; or a wash made of glycerine (1 ounce), borax (60 grains), and rose-water (1 ounce). Should

such measures fail, the person must consult a doctor, lest diabetes be at the root of the trouble, or some irritating condition of the urine.

Warts, of a soft kind usually, are found just at the opening of the passage or just within. Sometimes they exist in great numbers. They may be removed by the use of glacial acetic acid, very carefully applied. The top of the wart alone is touched, and the application is repeated daily till it disappears. The patient herself should' not attempt to apply it, as she will certainly be unable to prevent the acid running on to sound skin. Besides this, the part should be frequently bathed, dried, and dusted. Any discharge should be treated.

Tubercles, growths much larger than warts, also occur. They require skilled treatment.

Sensitive Red Patches are occasionally found just within the entrance of the passage. They may be associated with small, red, sensi tive growths round the opening of the urinary passage. They occur about the time of the change of life; they occasion much distress, and are very difficult of treatment. It is almost useless to mention treatment here, but any irritating discharge should be removed, if pos sible, and strict cleanliness should be observed. Some dry cotton-wool inserted just within the passage will make walking more easy, and at bed-time a plug of wool, soaked in a solution made of equal parts of glycerine and neutral acetate of lead, will relieve pain. Any of the sensitive growths referred to require the aid of a surgeon for their removal.

Itching of the Genitals Is often a most distressing complaint. The itching is intense, accompanied by burning heat and tingling. It commonest in women advanced in life, though it also occurs in the young. The itching is usually aggravated by warmth, and thus the suffering is Most intense shortly after the person gets warm in bed.

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