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Disease Connected with the Renal Capsules

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Addison's Disease is the only disease con nected with the capsules above the kidney that need be noticed here. It receives its name because it was first described by Dr. Thomas Addison, a physician of London.

The chief symptoms are gradual on-corning of extreme weakness and a peculiar discolora tion of the akin. The person becomes less and less disposed to bodily exertion, and the least effort brings on shortness of breath and palpi tation ; and, in advanced cases, sudden attacks of faintness are the result of even trifling exer tion. Various other symptoms accompany these --loss of appetite, sickness and vomiting, dim ness of sight, headache, chilliness, &c. The discoloration of the skin is in the form of a bronzing, beginning as a darkening of the skin, first in the face, neck, and hands, and then in the lower parts of the body, the hue gradually deepening till the dark colour is attained. The

bronzing is due to the deposition of colouring matter in the cuticle or scarf-skin. These symp toms are associated with alteration of structure of the supra-renal capsules. Since Dr. Addison published his discoveries, however, cases of disease of the capsules have been met with in which there was no discoloration of the skin.

Death usually results from weakness, and occurs commonly within a year, though the disease may continue for several years before it proves fatal.

Treatment is vain. All that can be done is to maintain the patient's strength, as much as possible, by wholesome food, tonics, and per haps stimulants. The person should also be kept at rest, since fatal prostration may result from slight exertion. Treatment on the same lines as that for consumption, carried on in, a sanatorium, would be the most likely way to relieve the patient.