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Diseases of the Stomach

bowels, disorders and indigestion


In no department of medicine has greater progress been made in recent years than in that dealing with the stomach and bowels and their disorders. One result of this has been the production of huge volumes dealing with the subject at greater length than was formerly deemed needful for the whole of medicine, and the coinage of new words to describe the differ Nat varieties of disease now distinguished from one another. It would be quite useless to the ordinary reader to attempt in such a work as this to give even the briefest summary of the various disorders now described.

But in modern life no class of disease is more common or more on the increase, and there is great need for some general understanding of the subject.

Probably the most generally useful thing to do would be to explain what are the most com mon complaints connected with the stomach and bowels, to indicate how the modern physician proceeds to disentangle the complaint and learn its true character, and what the lines of treat ment are which may be safely followed when a physician is not immediately at hand.

The complaints which, in the main, are as sociated in the public mind with disorder of stomach and bowels are some form or another of what is called indigestion or dyspepsia, con stipation, and diarrhaet. Indigestion is usually referred to the stomach, constipation and diar rhua to the bowels, so we shall associate what we have to say generally about stomach dis orders with the word indigestion, and what we have to say about bowel disorders with the latter two disturbances, and, to simplify matters as far as possible, we shall discuss the disorders of stomach and bowels separately, though, as we shall see, they cannot often be separated in fact.