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blood, cold, womb, after-birth and loss


This is the ordinary term applied to profuse loss of blood from the pregnant womb. It may occur either before the period of confine ment or afterwards. Of course loss of blood occurs in abortion, but it is attended usually by the pains, which indicate what is going on.

Flooding Before Delivery. — Alarming losses of blood occur within the last three months of pregnancy, due to the placenta, ca after - birth, .occupying a peculiar position in the womb. This is called properly placenta previa. The after-birth is situated partially or 'wholly .over the passage, through which during delivery the child must pass, and theta.

fore it is separated either wholly or partially some time before the birth can occur. By this separation blood - vessels are opened, and the womb not being able, owing to its contents, to contract and close the bleeding vessels, a great loss of blood occurs very speedily. The actual determination of this condition can only be made by a medical man after a careful exami nation; but a profuse loss of blood occurring within the last three months of pregnancy, without any apparent cause, should cause a woman to seek immediate skilled advice. Some times there is no sign of this condition till the full time, after labour has set in, and then the loss of blood may be immediately so great that the life of the mother is threatened before any assistance can be obtained.

Treatment. Medical aid cannot be dis pensed with. All that others can do is to put the patient to rest on a hard bed, with low head, and to give low diet, cold, all stimulants being avoided. If the doss of blood is great

and danger threatening before aid can arrive, attempts may be made to stop the flow of blood by plugging the passage. This is to be done by pushing up strips of lint one after another, or pieces of a silk handkerchief, till the whole passage is thoroughly packed. Tea - spoonful doses of the liquid extract of ergot may also be given in cold water every third hour.

Flooding After Delivery will readily occur if the after-birth has not been expelled. It also occurs, when everything has gone on satis factorily, the after-birth has been removed, and all has seemed well, owing to the womb relax ing, because of want of vigour, and permitting the torn vessels again to open and pour out blood.

The symptoms are not only the visible flow of blood, but the patient complains of faintness or dim sight; she is white and cold, with clammy skin.

In the former case the after-birth must be got rid of. A medical man would probably pass up his band into the womb and remove it. In the absence of such assistance let a large dose of the liquid extract of ergot be given, one to two tea-spoonfuls. 'Let someone place the cold hand over the lower part of the woman's belly and rub, with the design of exciting the womb to contract. Cold water may be dashed over the belly and cold water injected into the genital passage by an enema syringe.

Similar treatment is to be adopted if the bleeding occurs after the after-birth has been removed.