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Glanders and Farcy

affected, animals and skin


Glanders and Farey are diseases of the horse and of animals of the same species. They may be communicated to man by the discharge from the nostrils of the diseased animals. It is, however, rare in man. The organism causing it has been discovered ; and from cultures of it a substance is prepared—mallein—by the in jection of which into animals the detection of glandered animals is secured.

Symptoms appear from three to eight days after the introduction of the poison, and in some cases after a longer interval. They are high fever, great heat of skin, shiverings, quick pulse, pains in muscles and joints of a rheu matic character, headache, sleeplessness, profuse sour sweatings and clamminess of skin. The nostrils become congested, and a biting, watery fluid comes from them, which soon becomes thick, and mattery. A rash, at first of red spots, like flea-bites, appears scattered over the face, limbs, neck, and belly. They become pimples like peas, grow yellow, and soon burst, pouring out matter, and leaving bad ulcers. The eyes yield matter; sores form in the mouth and throat, and the lungs become affected. Lumps,

turning into boils, form in the skin on the face and in the neighbourhood of joints. The patient becomes very weak; delirium comes on, fol lowed by stupor and death. The disease runs its course in sixteen days on an average, but some cases end fatally in a week. It is usually fatal.

In glanders the nose and ear-passages are early affected In farcy the poison is intro duced in a wound on the body or limbs. The part becomes red and inflamed, glands in the neighbourhood become affected, and lumps (farcy-buds) and boils form in the skin. Both are, however, practically the same disease.

Treatment.—No curative treatment is known. The patient's strength must be maintained, as well as possible, by nourishing food and stimu lants, and the affected parts should be carefully and regularly cleansed, abscesses opened and cleaned out, &c. A person attending a case ought to wear india-rubber gloves while bathing the affected parts.