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MURRAY, Jolts The founder of the Universalist body in America. He was born at Alton, England, December 10, 1741. At the age of eleven his parents removed to Cork, Ireland. lle became a Methodist under the preaching of Wesley and \'hiteBeld. Having read a book by lames Belly, a Universalist, lie was led to adopt his views, and for this was excommunicated at Tabernacle, London. Persecution for opinion, pecuniary embarrassment. and grief for the loss of his wife, caused him to seek retire ment in America. He preached his first sermon in America September 30, 1770, in a small church. in an obscure place in New dersey. called 'Good Believing fully in the doctrine of universal salvation. he gave himself to earliest Labor, first in New Jersey and New York. after wards in Newport, Providence, llostPorts Norwich, and other places in New Eng land. In 1774 he fixed his residence in ter, Mass., where he was represented as a Papist. and a secret emissary of Lord North in

the interest of the English Ministry. He was abused. and by a vote ordered to leave the town, but the interference of powerful friends saved him. and lie was allowed to remain. In 1775 lie was appointed chaplain of a Rhode brigade encamped near Boston. Ill health com pelled him to leave the army, and lie returned to Gloucester. where he was settled over a society of Universalists. Ile was instrumeutti in organization of a convention of his sect, which MO at (txford. Mass.. September, 1785. and took the name of Independent Christian Vniversalists. In 1793 be was installed pastor of a society of Universalists in Boston, where lie remained till his death, September 3, 1815. Ile published 01111 Sketches of Se1.1)10)1S. 3 vols., and an autobiography (18131, continued by his wife (9111 ed. by Dcniirest, MO).