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Muscovy Duck

white and color

MUSCOVY DUCK (corrupted from musk duck). large South American duck (/'airing moschata ) in which the male is much larger than the female, and has tlesley on t he fore head and hires, and a crest of long feathers. This duck has long 1)44'11 (101111..4 il.:111.11 in Brazil and in Europe, it is especially in favor in I:erne:01y. In this country thee :ne less esteemed. bccalise of their quarrelsome nature and ability to harm one MP/HIV!' or their colte in the poultry yard. Two varieties are recognized. 'colored' and 'white.' which are thus described in 11 own ra's /,emcees' Bulletin. VO, of Vnited State, Department of Agriculture (Washington. 1s971: The head of the colored must.ory is glossy ielecek and while: the hill is dark-hurt in color; eyes, brown; the back in color of plumage is lustrous blue black, which is broken with white; the color of the breast and body is the same as that of the back.

The wing coverts are rich, lustrous green black. and the tail feathers may he either black or white, the latter being preferred. The thighs, like the tail feathers, may be either black or white, white being preferred; the shanks. toc..,. and webs vary in color from yellow to dark lend or black. The white muscovy in color of plum age is pure white throughout ; feathers of any other color will disqualify the bird for show The eyes in the white variety are of a leaden-blue or gray color, while those of the colored are brown. The shanks, toes, and webs are of a pale-orange or yellow color. The stand ard weight of the adult drake is ten pounds; adult duck, eight pounds. The flesh i.s good and loses in cooking the musky odor of the livinghird.