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var, melon and varieties

MUSKMELON (so called from its peculiar aromatic flavor), Vueumis Melo. An annual herbaceous vine of the natural order Cucur bitacefe, a native of the warmer parts of Asia and now cultivated in both hemispheres for the sake of its rounded or ovate fruit, which, in its numerous varieties, varies from a few inches to more than a foot in diameter. Some varieties are distinguished by a thick. warty rind, some by a rind cracked in a net-like manner, some by ribs and furrows, and some by a perfectly smooth and thin rind. The flesh may be white, red, green. yellow, or of intermediate colors. There are also varieties that ripen early and late, and one group of varieties little grown in the United States, which keep well into the winter. They require a warm, quick soil. In field culture they are planted-6 to 10 seeds—in hills 4 to 6 feet apart either way. To hasten growth and on poor soils two or three shovelfuls of well-rotted manure are placed under each hill. In the North, commercial growers start the plants under glass, preferably in a hot bed. and transplant them to the open field when the weather becomes warm enough. The seedlings are transplanted with difficulty and are therefore usually grown on inverted sods or in pots. Some subspecies of

C'ue•utnis Melo are: Var. &ice/let-bilis or pineapple melon, a sweet-fleshed variety; var. or snake melon, 2 to 3 feet long and 1 to 3 inches in diameter, sometimes grown for preserves, but more often as an oddity; var. chit°, also called orange melon, vegetable orange. garden lemon, vine peach. etc.. and used for pickles and pre serves; var. inodorus, a long keeper of poor qual ity; var. De«iaine o• pomegranate, dudahn, or Queen Anne's pocket melon, a highly perfumed, but inedible sort. See Plate of CUCUMBER ALLIES, The striped beetle and flea beetle arc serious pests of /muskmelons. Spraying with Paris green or dusting with tobacco dust. air-slaked lime, or road duet when the plants are moist. helps to keep the insects under control. Land plaster mixed with kerosene or ttu•pentine is used for the same purpose. The downy mildew and leaf spot diseases which attack the plant are held in check by applications of Bordeaux mixture. Muskmelons are commonly called cantaloupes in the United States. So? FUNGICIDE.