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court, time and shiraz


.1/2mod ibis al-flusain ii1-.1lllionalibi (905 1111e of the most noted of the Arabic pouts of the period of decline. He was born in Syria, the son of a water-carrier, and spent several years in the desert ma Ira l le was not a fervid .110slein, and at one time even put him self forward as a prophet (whence his name, Ilatanabbi, 'the one claiming to be a Ile was taken prisoner by Lulu, the Iklishid Emir of Einesa. After being set at liberty he lived in great poverty and neglect, but in 1-18 became attached to the Court of Sail al-Dawlah at Aleppo. whom he aecompanied on his raids, and whose praises he sang. Ile left Saif al-Da wiall in 1(57. going over to his enemy the 1 1:11.1mid. Kafue of Egypt. In 9G1 lie went to Bagdad. and at last to Shiraz, where the Bitiide _kdild al Dawfall bec:tine his patron. lie was murdered in 965 on the road from Shiraz to Kula. His Diirrin, containing 289 poems, lira been very widely read in the East. where he is considered the last great Arabic poet, perhaps berause of his intense na t iona 1 feeling. No less than forty

commentaries have been written on his Diiran. Allitanabbi is the type of the Court singer. his theme the battle and the heroic deeds of his patrons:. His songs lack the fire of the Iledonin poetry and are artificial, hut their tech nical excellenee cannot be denied. They hare been edited by Dieteriei, with time of (Berlin, 1:-11)1), and published at Bulal: I I 860) and Cairo 11S70 and 1890) with that of Miler editions are: Calcutta ( 1 5), Beirut (18130l, Bombay 11592). The 1)11ciin has been completely translated by 1 lammer-Purg stall. .11oldiiel+Li (ler ririjssle arobisehr Diehter (Vienna. 1824) : extracts may be fmind in Mk-k m:Cs //ainaso (Stuttgart. NM, and in Diiseley, The Orif Htfil (VI( el inn, col. i. 11.4)11(lon. 1797 I. P.uh1on, ('oininentalio rlr .1Intannhhin, 1S24): Dieterici, Alutanribbi and Seifud daub: ( Leipzig, 1R-t7).