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flies, larva, nasal, eggs and reared

MYIASIS, (Neo-Lat., from Gk./Atria, aayia, fly). A medical term for the state of being infested with the larva- of dipterous insects. A rather large number of flies may infest human beings in this way, and the disen:e has lueen divided according as the larvae are found in the skin, in the ear, in the conjunctiva, in the in testines, in the mucous membranes, in the nose, or in wounds. The most communion form is the presence of the larvae of tleshllies. or blow-flies, in open and neglected wound:. In certain por of the United States. the screw-worm fly (Lueilia macellaria) deposits its eggs or larva. not only in open sores upon the bodies of men and women. but many eases are on record where the egg, have been deposited in the nostrils of per sons sleeping exposed in the daytime. These flies are especially apt to be attracted by an offensive catarrhal condition. Scores of maggots have been taken from the nasal passages of such in dividuals, and a complete destruction of the soft palate has been brought about in this way. The European flesh-fly known as...for-ea/ph flu Wohlforti Las been reared from larva. found in numbers in the nasal cavities and in the ear of man. Lit cilia nobitis of Europe has also been reared from the ear of a man, causing extensive discharges and much putrefaction. The bluebottle fly liphorn sometimes eauses nasal iasi-. and the common flesh-fly (Sarcophagi/ car narift) hns been reared from larve fount] in the nasal passages. There are also cases of myiasis of the vaginal. In all of these instance: the flies are either Sareophagida. or Museidie. and the

adults were attracted to putrid or septic wounds, or to an offensive or purulent discharge from the body. depositing their eggs nr Ian1%r therein. In ternal myiasis is nearly alwhys eau.ed by the larvae or flies of the fancily Anthomyiida.. These flies deposit their eggs in spoiled vegetables, which are afterwards eaten in the raw state. as in salads. The larva- of several species have been passed while still alive. and frequently cause in testinal disturbances of a more or less serious character. canirularis, for example. has several times been reared in this way. In the family Sep,idce, the emomom cheese maggot (larva of !'iophilci easel). talon into the stomach with old cheese, has been found alive in excreta. having passed through the entire alimentary canal. Cutaneous toying's, aside from that of o'w'n wounds, is prasluced Ivy several of the hot-Ilies of the family tEstrida.. In tropical regions there are one or more species of the genus Dermittobia, which may lay their eggs upon the skin of human beings. the resulting nia„ it forming a pus-sae below the surface of the skin, and. if undisturbed. reaching its full grow th in this situation. Such eases this are not uneommum among the unclothed inhabitants of tropical countries. and persons while bathing ocea.i ally become hife.ted. The best known of these human is Dermutnbia ryancirentris. commium in South America.