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Nana Sahib

cawnpore, engagements and baji

NANA SAHIB, nii'na\ (c.I820-?). A Hindu, one of the leaders of the Sepoy mutiny of 1857. Ile is said to have been the son of a Brahman from the Deccan, and his real name was DIMndu Pant. lle was born about 1820, and was adopted as a son in 1827 by Baji Rao, the childless ex-peshwa of Poona, whose estate, which amounted to more than a million dollars, he inherited. Ile was refused, however, the annual pension of eight hies of rupees, or about four hundred thousand dollars, which had been granted Baji Rao during his lifetime. This rankled in his mind, although he was allowed to retain some of the state of a native prince, a retinue of 200 soldiers, with three field-pieces, and, a fortified residence at Bithur. 10 miles west of Cawnpore. He had long maintained an agent in England, Azim Ulla Khan, who told him tales of British weakness. When, therefore, the mutiny broke out in Slay, 1857. Na Ila Sahib of fered to assist the English, but treaeherously placed himself at the head of the mutineers in Cawnpore. The European troops were induced,

on dune 25th, to capitulate to Nana Sahib. who promised they be sent down the Ganges in safety. They embarked on boats provided for them, but bad no sooner done so than a mur derous tire was opened upon them. The sepoys were ordered to shoot the men, but to spare the women and children, who were removed to a house in Cawnpore. In July 15th Sir II. lfave lock, who had advanced from Allahabad. defeated the sepoys in two engagements, one within eight miles of Cawnpore: and Nana Sahib thereupon directed that the women and children should be put to death and that their corpses should be cast into a well, which is now marked with a beautiful statue in their memory. A long series of engagements against Nana Sahib followed, in which he was always the loser, and he was ulti mately driven beyond the English frontier into Nepal, where he probably perished in the jungle.