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france, city, lorraine and gothic

NANCY, The capital of the Depart ment of Sleurthe-et-Sloselle. France. and an im portant railroad junetion. 220 miles east of Paris. and 91 miles west of Strassburg. on the left bank of the Aleurthe, six miles above its junction with the Moselle (Slap: France. N 31. It is a strongly fortified and well-built city, with fine squares. broad streets• and imposing edifices.

The city owes much of its architectural orna mentation to Stanislas Leszczynski. King of Poland, who resided here as Duke of Lorraine. his statue stands in the Place Stanislas. the most important square in the city, surrounded by imposing edifices, inelnding the theatre, the Ilotel-de-Ville, and the Episcopal Palace.

The Hotel-de-Ville, dating from the seventeenth century, contains a fine ballroom with mural paintings by Girardet. The lineal Palace is an attractive example of the Gothic style and holds the 31usOe Lorraine, a collection of historical and other antiquities. The cathedral is a creation of the famous Ma nsart. Nancy has seven tine triumphal arches, the most elaborate one heiug the Porte Royal, constructed under Louis XV. Among other structures of note are the Gothic Church of Saint Epvre, an ancient Gothic castle. and the Palais du Gouvernement, now used for military purposes.

Nancy has a university (see below), a noted school of forestry (the only one in France), one of the two French hypnotic schools. an important

hospital. a seminary, a botanic garden. and a pub lic library of over 100,01)0 volumes and 5000 MSS. Attached to the school of forestry is a valuable forestry museum.

The situation of Nancy on the Eastern Canal and the Canal Marne-au-Rhin gives it a large trade. its principal manufactures are embroi dery, hardware, boots and shoes, straw hats, woolen goods, and agricultural implements. The great breweries here are among the most im portant in France. In art industries the city furnishes many unique features and varieties. Not a few of the artistic specialties in furniture and in printing in France originated here. To facilitate traffic,a belt line railway has been built. Population, in 1891, 78.110; in 1901, 102.559.

Charles the Bold was overwhelmed and slain before the gates of Nancy in 1477 in battle against RenO of Lorraine and his Swiss mer cenaries. Nancy was the seat of the dukes of Lorraine down to 1766. in which year it came to France. The town has greatly grown in general importance since the loss of Alsace-Lorraine by France, large numbers of Alsatians coming here to live.