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NARVAEZ, PiNFILo DE (1470? 1528). A Spanish soldier and 'conquistador.' Ile was born in Valladolid. and came to America about 149S, and became lieutenant to the Gov ernor of Cuba, Velazquez. In 1520 Narvaez was sent with a body of soldiers to reduce then in Alexico, to submission. Land ing at San Juan de Ulna, he was surprised one dark night (Slay. 1520), and seized in his camp by a party under Cort6s himself, who then persuaded the soldiers to join in the conquest of _Mexico. Aft or about two years of imprisonment at Vera Cruz, Narvaez was per mitted to return to Spain. There he secured permission to conquer and govern the territory from Florida to the Rio de Palmas, which is now known as the Rio Grande. Ile sailed from San Lucas, .Tune 17. 1.527, with a fleet carrying six hundred colonists and soldiers• priests. and negro slaves, with a few women. Stopping at Santo Domingo for horses and supplies, about• a quarter of his men deserted in order to join in the exodus toward :Mexico and Peru. Thence he went to Santiago de Cuba• where he passed the winter, and toward the end of February or early in March. 1525, lie finally started toward Florida. After many mischances, on April 14th he an chored near a bay which he named Bahia de la Cruz, and which lies been identified with Apala chee Bay and Tampa Bay. Finding little here

abouts to justify settlement, on Slay 1st the company. now nundwring three hundred. stir•tetl to march thromdi the country, while the vessels were to follow• the shore es far as the harbor of Panne°. Hopelessly misled by Indian guides, lost in the tangled morasses. hungry and foot sore. helpless against the harrying. pestering attacks of unseen natives, the Spaniards strag gled ;dung across the country until Septemhcr 22,1. when, at n point mimed by Nervaez Bahia de Cavallos, two hundred and forty survivors embarked in live boats which they had built with such rude tools as could be fashioned from their weapons. They followed the coast until toonber 31st) they reached the mouth of a mighty liver, whose streem carried them out to This was tile Mississippi. two of the boats. in one 14 which was Narvaez, disappeared. The others made their way toward the shore, but a storm separated them once ? re. Only one reached Ilse land. For the fate of the survivors, see Nu.ii tax ('.NBErA DE VACA, A LVA R.