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lie, power and president

NARVAEZ, RAmox l'ALutIA., Duke of Valencia (1600-05). A Spanish general and statesman, born at Loja, in Andalusia. In early youth he fought in the win• of liberation against the French. In 182•2 Narvaez acted with the Liberal. and contributed to the suppression of the revolt in the Royal Guards. lie withdrew to Loja iu 1523 upon the triumph of the 11eactionary l'arty, and lived there in retirement until the death of Ferdinand VII. in 1833. He was engaged in the Basque provinces in 1834. then COMM anded a divi sion under Espartero, and in November, 1836, routed the Cellist leader, Gomez, near Areos. Ile won popuL•u•ity in these campaigns. and was regarded as the rival of Esp;u•tcr0. In 1535, by acts of great severity, he cleared the District of La Mancha of brigands, and was appointed, in 1840. Captain-General of Old Castile, and general in-chief of the army of reserve. lie took part in the insurrection against Espartcro that broke out at Seville in 1840. but was compelled to lice to France. lie succeeded in 1813 in bringing about the overthrow of the Government of Espar tern, and was niade president of the Council and created Duke of Valencia in 1844. He entered

upon a thonmghly reactionary policy and revised the Liberal Constitution of 1837. Petty insur rections broke tan, which the rigorous soldier statesman repressed with an iron hand. But his dictatorial manners alienated even his personal friends, and his _Ministry was overthrown (Feb ruary 10. 18461. After serving as special Am bassador at the French Court, he returned to power in 1847, but soon afterwards quarreled with Queen Christina, and retired from Miley itn 1851. In 1S56, on the overthrow of the 0•D0nnell Ministry, lie again became president of the Coun cil. Intrigues of the Court compelled his resigna tion in 1857. Dime more in power in 1864, lie was succeeded in the following year by O'Donnell. with whom he suppressed. in a military revolt in Sladrid. lie supplanted O'Donnell in the same year. and, despite the etl•orts of o'Don nell and Print. retained power until his death. April 23. MS. See Stazade. Les rvro1iuions d'Espagne (Paris, 18691.