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National Civic Federation

labor, commission and industrial

NATIONAL CIVIC FEDERATION. An organization formed of a number of prominent representatives of capital and labor, the direct outgrowth of conventions held in Chicago and New York in 1900-01. The object of these prelim inary meetings was to secure the fullest possi ble information as to the methods and measures of arbitration in labor disputes throughout the world, and to consider the best menus of promot ing industrial peace. At the New York con vention, held December 16. 1901, a commission of thirty-six was created to be known as the "Industrial Department of the National Civic Federatbm." charged with full authority to en deavor by timely mediation to chuck labor dis putes. and as a last resort to end them by formal arbitration. The commission. represented tinnily the employers, tile wage-earners. and the puddle. and among those selected were ex President Grover ('leveland. President Eliot of Harvard t'niversity, and Arelibisliop Ireland, representing the public; 3Iark Hanna and John I). Rockefeller. Jr.. representing employ

ers; and Samuel Gompers, doh!' Michell, and Frank P. Sargent, representing the laborers. Thu objects to be kept in view by the commission were the adoption of the best wall': fur the pro motion of industrial peace; the establishment and maintenance (if proper relations between em ployers and workers; the prevention of strikes and Inekonts; the settlement of labor disputes before an acute stage shall have been reached; and, where a rupture has occurred, the applica tion of best means for the restoration of friendly relations between both parties. The department assumes no power of nrbitration unless when such power is conferred upon it by both parties concerned in the dispute. The emu m issiou wvas instrumental in settling eleven strikes from the date of its organization to the breaking out of the anthracite coal strike in 1902.