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vessels, tissue and means

NIEVITS (Lat.. mole, wart, birth-mark), or BurntTtir.R's MARK. A congenital mark upon the skin consisting of the product of excessive development or fibrous tissue. hair, blood-vessels, or pigment in a circumscribed area. The term is generally and perhaps more properly limited to a variety of angionm, or vascular tumor, usually of small size, compoLsed of en larged eapillarie= which communicate freely with other capillaries of the skin. The ordinary form of nevus is the raseofosus. This is present at birth or appears (hiring the early months of the child's life, presenting. itself as a red stain, or a diffuse flat patch. somewhat elevated above the surface. It may he a punctate spot. or may cover the side of the face, or even the neck and chest. for example. This variety is calk' I 'port-wine mark.' wine stain.' iodic dc fru, or Pcuermal. The nrr•rus arancus or `spider cancer' is not a cancer, but an angioma, consisting of a central elevated red point from which radiate dilated vessels so that there is a rough resemblance to a star. It is commonly single and occurs usually in children of about a year or two years old, and is generally situated on the nose or cheeks. The nevi of vascular variety

are found in the papillary layer of the upper part of the corium, and consist of irregularly intertwined and dilated capillary vessels of new growth with free In smile there is a layer of tissue bawd eneireling the vessels, or an enormous growth of connective tissue, so that the result may resemble ele phantiasis (9.v.). The treatment the re moval of 'evi is surgical. Excision trills the knife. ligature. transfixion of the growth with a cataract needle, compression by means of pad. retained in place with a rubber band. chemical caustics, such as nitric acid or the acid nitrate of mercury. multiple linear scarification, clectropuneture, and electrolysis are the means employed. the last named being the best method of procedure. Vaccination directly upon the merits is an obsolete means of Port wine marks may be removed by creating several minute cicatrices with the electrie needle. En tire removal of an elevated mass may be effected by eleetrolysis. as in the case of a tumor (q.v.).