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NOAILLES, nA'ii'y'. A noble French family of Limousin. which dates from the eleventh vett tury. Anatrx MAt'atm:, 1)Iike de Noailles (107R A .\l:n•.hnl it France, born in Paris, the eldest son of Anne Jules, Due de Noailles 1650 170s). who NV:IS A1:M.1111 also. The son bore the title of Coma d'Avc•i. entered the ..)litsketeers in 1692, and served in Catalonia in 1694-95 and in Flanders in 1696-97. In 1715 the Duke entered the council of regency and became presi dent of the Conseil de Finance, a post which he lost three years afterwards by his opposition to Law. After fifteen years of retirement, he re ceived a under the Duke of Berwick in the war of the Polish Succession, and in 1731• after his chief's death. was made Nlarshal of 1-ronee. In the same year lie Philips hurg, and in the next. at the head of the Sardin ian forces, throve the Imperial army out of Italy. His last campaign was in the War of the Austrian Succession. and at Dettingen, in 1743, he was de ( ra ted. Entering the Conseil d'Etat. he took con trol of France's foreign policy, went to Nladrid in 1746, m.epared the campaigns of 1747 and 1748. and retired in 1756. His two sons, Louts (1713-93) and Pliii.IPPE 11715-94), were also :l:n•s1c31s of Praoces—Loc•cs Alma' AvroixE.

Viscount de Noailles (1756-18041. horn in Paris, was associated with Lafayette (their wives were sisters) in the aid given to the American colt its in their struggle for independence. In 1759. at the opening of the French Slates-I:m he was a Deputy among the nobles repre senting Nemours, and made the memorable propo sition for the abolition of titles and feudal of all kinds. During the excesses of the Jacobins he went to the United States, lmt re turned to France as soon as the persecution of the old nobility ceased. and a few years Inter was made brigadier-general in Santo Pouting°, where he died from wounds received in the cap ture of an English sloop of near llavann by one of the most remarkable feats of naval daring of reiord.—P•ur., Luke de Noddles (1802-851, joined Court of Louis Philippe in 1830. He published a //istoire (if la maison ar .?'niuf Luui.c Aablif it Suirit-(•yr 11543) and a llistoire de 11m•. rig Ilaintenoa (1848-501, and became a member of the Academy in 1549. Hi, son,31-1,rs CliAat.Es 1526-95), devoted himself to the study of eeoumnies and published tub tins du rOasblique aux (16-59).