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NOIVRISTOWN. A borough and the county seat of Montgomery County. l'a.. IS miles west by north of Philadelphia; on the Schuylkill River, the Schuylkill Canal, and the Pennsyl vania and the Philadelphia and Reading rail roads Pennsylvania, F 3). It is beauti fully situated among hills and on the Schuylkill and two tributaries, and is popular as a place of residence. Among the institutions here are the county prison, the Norristown Hospital for the Insane (State). Charity Hospital, the Agnes Stinson Home for Aged Ladies. Friends' Home, Saint. .Joseph's Protectory (Roman Catholic) for girls. Library (public), and Montgom ery County Historical Society. Other prominent buildings and places of interest are the county court house, municipal building, high school, Masonic Temple, Montgomery Cemetery, with a tomb of Gen. W. S. Hancock and a shaft to Gen. John E. Hartranft, the Sc•lnylkil] Bridge (1829). and Valley Forge, but six miles distant. Norris town is in a rich agricultural and mining re gion, and has extensive manufactures of glass, wire, screws, iron, hosiery, knitting machines, shirts, etc. The government is administered by a burgess. elected every three years. and a uni cameral council, which controls elections of sub ordinate municipal departments. The borough owns and operates its electric light plant. Found ed in 1783 and named in honor of Isaac Norris, who had formerly owned a large part of the land in this vicinity, Norristown was incorporated as a loorough in 1812. its population then being

about 500. It. was enlarged in 1853. It is claimed that the earliest settlement here was in 1688 by Friends from Wales. Population, in 1890, 19,791 ; in 1900, 22.265.

NORRIKoPING, nor'clie-ping. A seaport on the cast coast of Sweden, situated at the head of the Bravik. 75 miles southwest of Stockholm (Map: Sweden. G 7). It is regularly laid out with streets crossing at right. angles. and has several beautiful parks, squares, and promenades. There are many line modern buildings, among the best of which are the almost palatial public schools. the new Church of Saint Matthew, the city hall, and the labor lyceum. The .Motala, which thaws through the town, is extensively utilized for water power, and .Norrkaping is one of the foremost otaamfae•tnring towns of Sweden. In 1900 there were 175 factories, whose products for the year were valued at $9.650,000. The most important manufactures are woolen and cotton textiles, paper, tapestries. and sugar. Norrkilping is also one of the most important commercial ports in the country. Its harbor admits the largest vessels. The shipping in 1899 amounted to nearly 375,000 tons. The ehief ex ports are manufactured goods. grain, wood. and dairy products. Population. in 1890, 32,826; in 1900, 41.0118.