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king, bohemia, ladislas and utraquists

PODIEBRAD, po'dye-brad, GEORGE ( 1420-71). King of Bohemia from 1458 to 1471. He was horn at Podiebrad in 1420, the son of a Bohe mian noble, Herant of Podiebrad and Kunstatt. He adhered to the moderate party of the during the reign of Sigismund : hut when. on the death of that monarch, the Catholic barons (1438) carried the election of Albert V. of Austria (II. of Germany), Podiebrad allied himself with the Utraquists. who offered the sovereignty of Bo hemia to Casimir. brother of Ladislas III., King of Poland. From this time Podiebrad's influence gradually increased, and in 1444 he became the leader of the party of Utraquists, and was made administrator of the realm during the minority of the child King, Ladislas Pc"stbumus, the son of Albert. In 1448 he obtained possession of Prague, and in 1452 was acknowledged Regent by the whole of Bohemia. Ladislas Posthumus died in 1457. and in 1458 Podiebrad was chosen his successor, and was crowned May 7, 1459. He strove to bring about a peaceful settlement of the religious discussions that had desolated the land, and agreed secretly to lead the country back to the Roman Catholic Church. When. however, he failed to fulfill this promise, up holding the Utraquists, he was excommuni cated by Pope Pius II. in 1463 and by the suc

cessor of that pontiff, Paul II., in 1466. The Catholics of Bohemia were incited to insurrection, and Matthias Corvinus (q.v.), King of Hungary, the son-in-law of Podiebrad, was induced to in vade Bohemia. The Hungarians were surrounded at Wilimow, and forced to cease from hostilities. In spite of the magnanimity shown by Podiebrad on this occasion, Matthias acted falsely toward him. and in the following year had himself crowned King of Bohemia and Margrave of Moravia. Podiebrad instantly summoned the Bo hemian diet, and proposed to the assembled or ders that they should take Ladislas, son of Casi mir IV., King of Poland, as his successor, while his own sons should merely retain the family possessions. By this means he obtained the Poles for allies; the Emperor Frederick III. also declared in his favor, while his Catholic sub jects were reconciled to him, so that the Hun garians found it advisable to conclude a peace. Podiebrad died March 22, 1471. Consult: Jor dan. This Konigtum Georgs von Podiebrad (Leip zig, 1861) ; Bachmann, Bohmen, und seine Noelr barlander muter Georg rout Podiebrad (Prague, 1878).