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ile, william and received

WOLCOT, wrd'kut, .101IN (1738-1819). An English poet, better known under the pseudonym of PETEu l'INDAR. Ile was born at 1)1albrook, in Devon. Ile was educated by an uncle, :IL Kingsbridge and in France, and subsequently studied medicine in London and in Aberdeen. In 1767 he went to .Jamaica with Sir William Tre lawny, the newly appointed Governor. After serv ing two years as physiciategeneral. lie went to England. and was ordained priest in the ('buret. Ile iminediately returned to Jamaica, where he received a small living. On the death of his patron (1773), he left the island for good. After practicing medicine with little success in Truro and other places, he settled in London :is a writer of audacious squibs and satires on all sorts of persons from George Ill. down to livery men. Among his seventy distinet pieces were Eyrie Odes to the Roya-I Academicians ( 1782 86) : The Lonisiad: an. Ileroic-coinie Poem, live cantos, in ridicule of the King's domestic life (1785-95) ; Ode upon ode, 0 Cowie Account of a Visit of the Sorcrcign to Whitbread's Brewery (1787); ltozzy and Pio=i, on Boswell and Mrs.

l'iozzi ( 1786) ; and .1 Poetical Epistle to a Pall ing Minister, i.e. l'itt (1789). These and other verses achieved wide popuhirity. From their sale the author received an annuity of 250; and the Government attempted to buy him oil' with a pension of 300, Woleot was severely handled by William Gifford (q.v.) in his Epistle to Peter Pinder (MO). Unscrupulous. impudent. and coarse, Woleot was yet a master of burlesque humor and caricature. During his lifetime \\ ol coes satires were issued in cheap quarto pam phlets. About twenty editions of the eollected works appeared between 1788 and 1837. That of I812 contains a memoir and portrait. For the latest and hest account, consult Theodor Reit terer, Lawn mind Werke Peter Pindars (Vienna and Leipzig, 1900).