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director, der and physics

WOLLNER, vul'n?lr.. ADOLF (1835-1. A German physicist, horn in Dusseldorf. He stud ied in Bonn. Munich, and Berlin, and became docent in Marburg, 1858. In 1862 he was appointed director of the technological school at Aix-la-Chapelle, in 186.5 professor of physics in the agricultural school at Poppelsdorf, and was also ;It the same time assistant professor of physics in the University of Bonn (1867-69). In 1869 he became professor of physics in the Poly technic Institute at Aix-la-Chapelle. Ile carried on important investigations in all branches of physics and wrote: Lchrbuch der phltsiL- (1862; 5th ed, 1895) ; Einlcitung in die Dioptrik efts (1866) ; and Kompendium. der Physik (1879).

WtILLNER, FRANZ (1832-1902). A German composer, born at XI fluster, Westphalia. Ile studied in his native place, and at Frankfort, Berlin, Brussels, and Munich. In 1856 he was ap dnted in pianoforte at the Al unich.con servatory. Ile held the position of town musical

director at Aix-la-Chapelle from 1858 to 1864. fn 1867 he bevame director of the choral classes in the reorganized School of Music at Munich and wrote for them Choriibungen der Miinehener Musiksehulc. in 1879 he succeeded Billow as con ductor of the Court Opera and the Academy Con certs. He became Court kapellmeister at Dresden and artistic director of the conservatory in 1877, and director of the Cologne Conservatory and conductor of the GUrzenich concerts in 1884. Among his works are: Heinrich der Finkler, a cantata for solo, male chorus, and orchestra ; ad ditional recitatives to Weber's Oberon, accepted by many of Germany's principal theatres; Psalm. 12-5, for chorus and orchestra : Miser:ere for double choir; and Stabat Mater for double choir; besides masses, motets, songs, chamber-music, and pianoforte pieces,