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WOLSELEY, Sir GARNET JOSEPH, first Viscount (1833). A British soldier, born in Dublin County, Ireland, June 4. 1833. He entered the army in 1852, and in the Burme$e War of 1852-53 received a severe wound. He was twice womuled in the Crimean War. For his bravery in the latter struggle lie was given the cross of the Legion of I lonor by Napoleon 111. Ile served as captain in the Indian Mutiny, and as lieutenant-colonel in the Chinese expedition of ISO. tlwn went to Canada; and in 1370, as commander of the Red River expedition, be suppressed the Niel insurrection at Fort (tarry. For this service he was made knight of the Order of Saint Michael and of Saint George. general he commanded the British troops in the Ashanti War, 1873-74. For his 'courage, energy, and perseverance' in these campaigns. he received the thanks I if Parliament and a grant of 25.000. In 1875 lie was dispatched to Natal to superin tend the affairs of the colony; next year he was nominated a member I if the Indian Council; and in 1878 he made high commissioner and com mander in chief in Cyprus, front which post he was recalled in 187!) in order to proceed to the seat of the Zulu War, with supreme civil and military eommand in Natal, the Transvaal. and

adjacent disturbed territories. Ile just before the power of the Zulu Icing was broken at Chindi, and arranged the terms of peace with the enemy. Thereupon he Organized the Oovern ment in Zululand. In 1882-85 he was adjutant general. ills victory over Arabi Pasha (q.v.) at Tel-el-Kebir, in Egypt, September 13, 1882, raised him to the peerage. Again commander in Egypt, 1554-55, lie attempted in vain to relieve Khar tum, where Cordon was besieged, the place falling into the hands of the Malidi just as Wolseley's advance reached the vicinity ; nevertheless his able service in the Sudan campaigns won him the rank of viscount. In 1590 he became commander-in-chief of the troops in Ireland, and in 1893 of the British Army. This last position lie resigned in 1900 in f:nor of Lord Ilis principal writings are: Soldier's Pocketbook for Field Service (1882) ; "Narrative of the Red River Expedition," in Travel, Adventure, and Sport (1889) : Life of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborouyk (1894) ; 7'he Decline and Fall of Napoleon (1893). Consult Low. Memoir of Sir Garnet dose-ph Wolseley (London, 1878).