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die, lubeck, liibeek and party

WULLENWEBER, vyl'1cn-va'ber, 0492-1537). A Hanseatic: statesman born in Hamburg. Having removed to Lubeck he ac quired great influence there during the party conflicts attendant upon the establishment of the reformation, and, becoming the leader of the democratic-protestant faction, was elected one of the four burgomasters in 1533. In this posi tion he made it his chief aim to restore the political hegemony of Liibeek on the Baltic Sea by the subjection of Denmark and Sweden and the propagation of Protestantism, hut was thwarted by the unlucky turn which the campaign against Denmark took and the return to power of the aristocratic party at Liibeek. When, moreover, a writ of execution from the Imperial Chamber at Speyer, issued in June, 1535, threatened the city with the ban of the empire, if the old aris tocratic constitution were not restored within forty-five days, Wullenweber resigned his office. On a journey to Hadeln soon after, he was ar rested by the Archbishop of Bremen and de livered to that prelate's brother, Duke Henry of Brunswick. n sworn enemy of Lutheranism, who kept him in durance at Steinbrtick. Put to the rack the most inconsistent self-accusations were extorted from him, whereupon he was condemned to death and executed in September, 1537, Con sult Wait; Lubeck linter Jurgen Wallenweber and die europaische Politik (Berlin, 1855-56).

WiJLLERSTORF - URBAIR, vnl'Birs-tOrf nrIbar', BERNHARD, Baron von (1816-S3). An Austrian admiral, born at Triest. He entered the navy in 1833, and after a special course in as tronomy at Vienna in 1837-39, u-as appointed director of the naval observatory and professor at the naval academy in Venice. in 1848 he was intrusted with the reorganization of the latter institution at Triest and made its com mandant. in 1857, having in the meanwhile at tained the rank of commodore, he was put in command of the Novara Expedition around the world, and after its return in 1859 superintended the publication of its reports. Sent to the North Sea with a squadron. during the Schleswig Holstein campaign of 1864. he wrested from Den mark the North Frisian islands. In 1865-67 he was Minister of Commerce, and after his retire ment was made a life member of the House of Lords. His publications include: Veber des halten and die Verleiltnug der Winde oaf der c)brefltirhe tier Erde (1860) ; Feber die Wiehtig keit des Adriatischen Mcers fiir Ocsterrrich (1861) ; Remrrkunacu jibe,: die physikalischrn Vcrlailtnisse des Adriatischen _Veers His Vcrmischtc Rchriften were published by his widow (1889).