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yeo, chauncey and fleet

YENISEISK. A town in the Government of Yeniseisk, Siberia, on the Yenisei, about 220 miles north of Krasnoyarsk. it has a cathedral. The town was founded in 16IS. Population, in 1807, 11,530.

YEO, Sir JANIES LUCAS (1782-ISIS). A British naval officer, prominent in the War of 1812. lle was born at Southampton. and entered time Brit ish Navy in 1793. In 1800 he was pres ent at the siege of Genoa and then served in the Adriatic, entering the harbor of Cesenatico, at the head of a small force, and destroying thirteen merchant vessels on August 26th. In ISO!), at the head of about 100 English and l'o•tngutse, he eapt tired Cayenne, the capital of Frenelt Guiana, seenring about 1000 prisoners. On Feb ruary 3, 1S12, in command of the frigate South ampton, he captured a superior piratical frigate, the Amethystc; and early in [813 he was made commodore and commander-in-chief of the Brit ish naval force on the Great Lakes, where he was opposed by Commodore Chauncey. command ing the American fleet. At the outset the two fleets seem to have been about equal in fighting strength. Yeo took formal command at Kingston, on Lake Ontario, in lay. and on the 29th, the American fleet being at the went end of the lake, united with Sir George Prevost (q.v.) in a half

hearted and unsuccessful attack on Sackett's Ilarbor, where the Americans were building two new vessels. On August IO, 1813, in an in decisive engagement with Chauneey's fleet off Fort Niagara, Yeo captured two small American vessels, the Growler and the Julia ; and on Sep tember nth an unimportant engagement occurred off the mouth of the Genesee River. Chauncey gaining a slight advantage. In another engage ment. on September 28th, in York Bay, Yeo was somewhat crippled, and thereafter for some time was blockaded by Chauncey in Kingston Harbor. On May 6, 1814, Yen. with a. strengthened fleet, captured Oswego. which, however, was immedi ately reoccupied by the Americans: and from May 29th to June 6th be blockaded Chauncey at Sackett's Harbor. Thereafter until the close of the war neither officer felt strong enough to attack his opponent, and both avoided a general engagement. In 1815 Yeo became commander in-chief of the British naval forces on the west coast of Africa, and in ISIS died while return ing to England.