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county, city and yo•k

YORK. The county-seat of York County, Pa.. 100 miles west of Philadelphia, on the Pennsylvania, the Northern Central. the Wabash System. and other railroads. It is regularly laid out. Among the prominent institutions are the York Collegiate Institute. the Yo•k County Acad emy, orphans' home, hospital, almshouse, and the public and Yo•k County Law libraries. There are two parks—Penn and Farquhar. Other fea tures of interest include the post ollice. county court house, munieipal building, hiE,i school building, opera house, and jail. York derives considerable commercial importance from its situation in a productive fanning section. and is also a prominent industrial centre. In the yen sus year 1900 the various manufacturing estab lishments had 80,640,784 invested capital and an output valued at $11,901,706. The city is especially interested in the manufacture of foun dry and machine-shop products, tobacco. cigars. and cigarettes. There aloe also silk mills. farm implement works, piano and organ factories. planing mills, breweries, brick yards, and manu factories of carriages and wagons, wall paper, flails and spikes, paper and wood pulp, furniture, shirts, bridge work, safes, flour, chains, wire cloth, cigar boxes, leather, artificial stone, etc.

An extensive wholesale trade is carried on. Un der the charter of 1887, the government is vested in a, mayor, chosen every three years, and a hi cameral council. The subordinate officials, with the exception of the school board, which is elected by popular vote, are by the mayor, sub ject to the confirmation of the select council. For maintenance and operation. the city spends annually about $•04,000, the thief items being: Schools, including libraries, museums, etc.. $77, 00(1; municipal lighting, $23,010: police depart ment, $20,000; streets, $15,000; and fire depart• ment, 814.000. Population, in 1890, 20.793; in 11(00, 33,708.

Several Germans settled here in 1734, hut a town was not laid out until 1741. From Septem ber :30, 1777. until June 27, 1778, the Continental Congress, driven from Philadelphia by the ap proach of Howe's army. was in session here. In 1787 Yo•k was incorporated as a borough and in 1887 was chartered as a city. Consult Gibson, History of York County (Chicago, 18S6).