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Bruises and

cold, swelling and hot

BRUISES AND CONTUSIONS.—These are commonly caused by violence, as falls, knocks, and blows, and the arca affected is sometimes much greater than suspected.

Treatment.—APply immediately water as hot as can be borne to avoid discoloration.. If the skin is broken, add about 6o drops of tincture of arnica to a cupful of hot \vater. When the skin is not broken, plain alcohol may be used. Marigold as tincture of calendula \vith wool-fat (lanoline), applied to the bruised surface, is very soothing and healing. See also THE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, under CONTUSION, page 336.

Slight contusions may be treated with cold compresses (water or lead water), which should be frequently renewed. In the case of a child that has injured its head by a fall, the practice of pressing the bruise with a spoon is helpful, as it distributes the blood and checks the development of the dis coloration and swelling, or causes it to remain small. As already stated, hot or cold compresses serve the same purpose.

BUB0.—An inflammatory swelling of a lymph-gland due to infection ; especially a tumour of the inguinal glands produced by venereal virus.

Treatment.—Put the patient to bed, and apply cooling poultices until the physician arrives. Cold poultices are made with cloths which have been kept in ice-water for some time, and which must be \vrung out well before using. They should be renewed every three to five minutes. Dry, cold poultices may be applied in the shape of ice-bags or ice-cushions.

When the bubo suppurates, it should be treated as an ordinary abscess ; but suppuration may be checked by the application of a blister to the swelling, or by. painting the affected part with tincture of iodine or ichthyol ointment once or twice a day. \Viten suppuration arid softening occur, it is advisable to lance the swelling at the earliest possible moment, for unless this be dune, perforation at one or several points in the external skin follows, and is attended with long illness which will enfeeble the patient