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Cancer of the

water, vomiting, administer and tissue

CANCER OF THE BREAST.—This generally begins as a hard nodule, which is found in the breast, and which may or may not be painful. All such nodules should be examined at once by a physician or surgeon, and if they prove to be cancerous an early operation is to be recommended. Cancer of the breast may often be permanently cured by a surgical operation. The earlier this takes place, and the more thorough the removal, the better are the prospects of permanent cure.

The use of any of the numerous popular secret nostrums is waste 'of time as well as money, as the remedies themselves are absolutely ineftective.

CANTHARIDES-POISONING.--In poisoning by use of this drug, commonly called " Spanish fly," the patient suffers from burning sensation in the alimentary canal, and from violent nausea and vomiting, blood often appearing in the vomited matter. Half a drachm of the powdered drug or I ounce of the tincture usually causes death.

Treatment. Where vomiting has failed to occur, use the stomach-pump, if the mucous membrane is not yet blistered, or administer an emetic, such as mustard, teaspoonful, in a glass of warm water. Give barley-water, white of egg, or thick gruel, slippery-elm decoction, or linseed-tea to allay the inflammation of the mucous membranes, and administer morphine, grain, hypodermically to counteract the pain. Apply poultice to abdomen. Do not give milk or oil or oil-emulsion under any circumstances.

CARBOLIC-ACID-POISONING.—The first symptom is a severe burning of the mucous membranes of the mouth, gullet, and stomach, accompanied by ecessive pain. Headache, nausea, and vomiting follow with faintness, weakness, and death from a gradual paralysis of the heart.

Treatment.—Inscrt syphon stomach-tube with care, and wash out stomach. Promote vomiting with zinc sulphate, 20 tO 3o grains in warm water. Administer stimulants such as strong black coffee, Hoffmann's anodyne, etc., to avoid collapse. Give as an antidote plenty of water with the uncooked whites of eggs, milk, olive-oil, a solution of Glauber's salt, Epsom salt, ounce in warm water, or any strong alcoholic liquor—eVen alcohol itself, about 4 ounces. Apply warmth to extremities. Summon a physician at once.

CARBUNCLE.—An inflammatory gangrenous tumour involving the skin and cellular tissue beneath, which may arise from a neglected pimple or boil. Malignant carbuncles occur as a result of diabetes mellitus, or as infections from the micro-organism of anthrax.

Treatment.—Cure is effected by making a large incision which causes the relaxation of inflamed tissue, and facilitates the throwing off of gangrenous parts, which, under poulticing and appropriate antiseptic application, are replaced in turn by new tissue.