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Cannabis Indica Indian

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CANNABIS INDICA (INDIAN HEMP).—The flowering tops of the female plant Cannabis saliva, indigenous to tropical climates, but largely obtained from India and Egypt. This drug has a peculiar effect on the nervous system, and for centuries past it has been largely used as an intoxi cant in parts of Asia and Africa. It is either smoked or drunk or eaten as a confection (the hashish of Monte Cristo). The active principle is contained in the resinous substance termed cannabin.

The effects of the drug vary considerably in the various individuals taking it. After a large dose there is usually a period of exhilaration, during which the individual feels unaccountably happy and is impelled to do and say foolish things. He may have visions of extravagant splendour, perhaps coloured by sensual impressions, particularly if he is of an impressionable temperament, and the scope of his imagination knows no bounds. At other times these hallucinations are of a depressing nature, or such as to inspire him with fear and horror. He does not become unconscious, and usually recognises the unreal character of his dreams. A peculiar

characteristic of this condition is the loss of the sense of space and time, so that minutes seem hours and hours weeks, the clock ticking at absurdly long intervals. This is probably caused by the tremendous activity of the mind, thoughts flashing along through consciousness with great rapidity, but with little or no sequence. Power to appreciate pain is lessened or lost.

Periods of unconsciousness supervene, during which the patient may be aroused ; and he finally falls into a deep sleep, upon awakening from which he often feels some nausea and malaise, similar to the symptoms which follow indulgence in opium and most of the other narcotics. This sleep may occur without preceding excitement or unusual sensations. The immediate effect of the drug is not deleterious, but its prolonged use causes dementia. Cannabis Indica is used as a sleep-producing remedy in nervous exhaustion or in sleeplessness due to pain. The dose of the tincture is about twenty drops.