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chilblains, ounce, drachms, oil and acid

CHILBLAIN. A blain or sore of the hands or feet, usually accompanied by heat and itching, resulting from exposure to extreme cold.

Treatment.—Old chilblains, from which one has been suffering for some time, should be treated before going to bed. They are to be bathed in hot water to which a few drops of ammonia have been added. l'a:nting with a tincture of iodine will he of service, or the application on linen of a solution of calendula and glycerine. Lignol soap is also very good for chilblains.

The lather should be allowed to dry on the skin ; Cuticura ointment is also very beneficial.

If the feet are affected and itch very much, take z ounce of dilute hydro chloric acid, and mix it with 7 ounces of water which has been boiled. Before retiring, wash the feet in this solution. If necessary, use it three or four times a day until relieved. Probably the best preventive of chilblains is to take a course of cod liver oil in the early part of the winter, and continue it throughout the frosty season.

A good balsam for chilblains when they are not open consists of euresol, eucalyptol, oil of turpentine, together drachm ; collodion, enough to make 5 drachms. A soap for unbroken chilblains can be made with these ingredients : Euresol, eucalyptol, oil of turpentine, lanoline, together 1 drachm ; soap, 4 drachms ; the soap should be well rubbed into the skin. A sure cure for chilblains, before they break, is said to be the following : Oil of eucalyptus, 1 ounce ; camphor, ounce ; carbolic acid, ounce ; alcohol, enough to make 4 ounces. It should be applied morning and evening.

Very good for tender feet and chilblains is the following ointment : Mix well oil of eucalyptus, 1 ounce ; camphor, ounce ; carbolic acid, 4 ounce. Melt i ounce of yellow wax, and 6 ounces of vaseline. When cooling, add the

fluid, and mix well.

To form a protective skin over the chilblains is very beneficial._ For this purpose use tannic acid, 2 drachms ; carbolic acid, 24 drops ; alcohol, 4 drachms ; water, enough to make an ounce. This is to be applied with a brush over the chilblains morning and night. In ulcerated chilblains use : Purified shellac and purified gum benzoin, together 2,; drachms ; balsam of tolu, 3 ounces ; carbolic-acid crystals, 3 drachms ; oil of cinnamon, drachms ; saccharine, drachms ; alcohol, enough to make a quart. This should be applied to the affected area and a light linen bandage placed over it. Instead of the preceding prescription, equal parts of castor-oil and balsam of Peru may be used. Or apply, on a piece of linen, which is to be changed frequently, ammoniated mercury, 5 grains ; ichthyol, 5 drops ; starch and zinc oxide, together 2 drachms ; vaseline, ounce.


CHLORAL-HYDRATE-POISONING.—The effects of an overdose of this drug are failure of breathing, great weakness of the heart, and a feeble pulse. The patient falls into a deep comatose sleep ; his skin becomes cold and clammy, his temperature low, and his face ashen grey.

Treatment —Give a strong emetic of mustard, soapsuds, or ipecacuanlia, and empty the stomach with the stomach-pump or tube. Send for a physician. Arouse the patient by giving stimulants, as hot coffee, caffeine (5 grains), etc., or by stroking or slapping him. Resort to artificial respiration also. Keep the extremities warm by friction, hot-water bags, hot bricks, etc. Strychnine is not to be used nor oxygen inhalation without the advice of a physician.