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Cholera Asiatica

ounce, drops and oil

CHOLERA ASIATICA. —An acute infectious disease characterised bv pain, excessive diarrlhea, rice-water discharges from the bowel, and intense collapse. See also TliE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, pages 318-32E Treatment.—There are no specific remedies or methods of treatment by which recovery may be assured in cases of cholera which urgently demand immediate medical advice. Abundant fluid stimulants, hot soups and broths are needed. The following preparation, however, is said to be useful : Macerate ounce of catechu and ounce of opium with 3 ounces of hot water, rubbing them in a mortar until reduced to a pulpy mass. Then dissolve ounce each of oil of cajuput and oil of peppermint, drachm each of oil of cinnamon and oil of cloves, and r ounce of camphor in 2 pintti 0( alcohol. Add ounce of capsicum and the solution of catechu and opium, allowing the mixture to macerate for two weeks, shaking every day, then filter and bottle. If there is a cholera epidemic, take front to to 15 drops of this preparation in a little warm water every morning. If you are attacked with the disease, use from 15 drops to a teaspoonful in sweetened w-arin water every hour.

Russian cholera drops consist of 15 (hops of oil of peppermint, drachm of tincture of opium, ounce of ipecacuanha, ounce ethereal tincture of valerian, the dose to be from to to 20 drops. Castor-oil, dilute suphuric acid, and salol are all said to be useful.

Asiatic cholera drops are composed of ounce each of powdered opium, camphor, oil of cloves, and powdered capsicum. These ingredients should be macerated with pint of Hoffmann's anodyne for two weeks, then filtered and bottled. The (lose is from to to 30 drops.

Hoffmann's anodyne, which is also well known, consists, according to the Pharmacop(eia of the United States, of 4 ounces of ether, S ounces of alcohol, and 150 minims of ethereal oil. The (lose is from 20 10 5o drops. The German Iloilmann's Troplen consists of : part of ether (by weight) and 3 parts of alcohol (by weight). The dose is front 20 10 50 drops. See also DIARRIvEA.

In rapidly-sinking cases brandy or champagne must be given, and subcu taneous injections of camphor-1 gramme in 20 of olive-oil.