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CHOLERA INFANTUM.—The so-called summer diarrlicea of infants is an affection which carries away many children in their first year of life. Its appearance is usually sudden, and begins with simple diarrlitua ; but after a time the stools become green, or consist of mucus streztked with green. Iti some cases the first symptoms may be eructations and vomiting. The stools increase in frequency, and are thin, green, like rice-water, or ir,ixed with mucus. If not already present, vomiting follows. For further details of the disease, its causes, and diagnosis, see THE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, page 32I.

Treatment. Exclude milk from the diet ; give whey filtered through fine muslin, weak chicken broth, or a solution of essence of meat, r teaspoonful to 6 ounces of water. Avoid overfeeding. Quench the thirst with boiled, filtered water. Continue the diet until purging has ceased. In cases of extreme exhaustion, when the child is disposed to vomit all the ordinary nutriments, raw meat-juice is retained and digested, and commonly the child cries for more. Give a child one year old ounce in twenty-four hours, a very little at a time. If necessary, sweeten with a little powdered lump sugar.

No other food should be given while the meat-juice is being used, and then barley-w-ater should be the only drink given. The stools during the raw meat-juice treatment will be found very offensive. Whenever possible, the treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

The following remedies are sometimes prescribed for cholera infantum : Initial Treatment.—Calomel, grain ; sodium bicarbonate, It) grains ; garantose, + grain. Divide into 12 powders, and give r powder every quarter of-an-hour for four doses.

To Control Diarrhrea.—Tannalbin, 3o grains; aromatic powder, 2 grains ; sugar, 5 grains. Divide into 12 powders ; give every four to six hours for a child about one year old ; double this dose for a child two years old.

To Control Acute Gastric Symptoms.—Calomel, grain ; lead acetate, grain ; bismuth subnitrate, 3o grains ; powdered sugar, io grains. Divide into io powders, and give every half-hour or hour for four doses. Grey powder, bismuth salicylate and Beta-naphthol are sometimes helpful.