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stomach, water and vomiting

GASTRIC FEVER.—Catarrh of the stomach (which see), accompanied by a marked degree of fever and severe symptoms, as headache, dizziness, delirium. The term is sometiines applied to typhoid fever.

Treatment.—This includes the use of cold compresses to the head, cold packs, etc., together with measures directed to remove digestive disturbances. See also CATARRH OF THE STOMACH.

GASTRITIS.—Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. For causes, diagnosis, constitutional treatment, etc., see THE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, under STOMACH, DISEASES OF, page 917.

Treatment. —The first thing to do is thoroughly to empty the stomach and give it a complete rest. If there is therefore natural vomiting, do not try, to check it at once. It may even be encouraged by drinking plenty of warm water. If there is no vomiting, induce it by inserting the finger or a feather as far back as possible in the throat ; if this is not effective, let the patient drink two cupfuls of warm camomile tea, which is prepared by pouring pint of boiling water on tablespoonful of dried camomile flowers. Let it steep for five minutes. After the vomiting has stopped, allow the stomach to rest for

at least twelve hours, giving only small pieces of ice to allay- the thirst.

After the attack give a good purgative, such as Epsom salt, tablespoonful dissolved in a tumblerful of water. If vomiting cannot be checked, and if its final results are only unsuccessful retching, apply to the stomach region a hot linseed poultice (see ABDOMINAL PAINS) or a mustard plaster, which is to remain until the skin becomes very red, and give every three hours 3o grains of bismuth subnitrate in water. If there is constipation, this should be relieved by grain of mild mercurous chloride (calomel) and g grains of bismuth subnitrate, one dose to be taken every hour for three hours, and to be followed by a seidlitz powder or any saline cathartic, such as Epsom salt (see BILIOUSNESS).

Attacks of gastritis may be significant of grave disease of the stomach, so there should be no trifling with them, medical aid being promptly suinmoned. Some of the most effectual remedies can only be handled by a medical man.