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day, rash, urethra and disease

GERMAN MEASLES.—One of the infectious fevers \vith an incubation period of from one to three weeks. The characteristics of the disease are heaviness and depression, headache, and loss of appetite for a few hours before the rash appears. The glands of the neck are swollen and the temperature rises usually to about ioi°. Within twenty-four hours the rash appears, and there is a marked abatement in symptoms formerly indicated. The rash consists of clusters of raised red spots with natural skin intervening between the clusters. As the disease progresses to the second day, the rash becomes more pronounced in colour and very profuse. liy the third day the rash lades and quickly ilisappears, without any peeling of the skin as in scarlatina.

Treatment. the patient to bed and keep him there for a day OF two. Alaintain a temperature of about 6o' Fahr. in the room. Be careful to exclude all draughts. The diet should consist of fluids—milk, soup, and broths, with milk puddings. 11 the patient is an infant, give a little barley-water in addition. Mild aperients, as Glauber's salts, 1 ounce in a glass ot water, should be used, and an alcohol sponge-bath given for high fever.

catarrh of the urethra, vulgarly called " clap," a widespread disease of both sexes.

a sensible mode of living ; avoid bodily exertion, sexual excitement, and alcoholic drinks. Washieg out of the anterior urethra with bactericidal remedies will sometimes prevent the outbreak of the disease, but should only be undertaken under medical direction. An aqueous solution of silver nitrate r in 5,000, which strength may be gradually increased up to r in r,000, may be used to irrigate the anterior urethra. A hard-rubbef syringe, holding ,1—r ounce, is filled with the fluid, the tip inserted into the meatus, and the fluid slowly injected into the urethra. This may be done once a day, gradually increasing the strength of the silver solution. Fox internal use the following remedies are prescribed : Oil santal, 2 (fraCilInS ; COpaiba , 2 drachms ; lime-water, 12 drachms ; mucilage tragacanth, to make 3 ounces. Dose, teaspoonful three or four times a clay. To reduce the burning sensation caused by the passing of the urine drink lemonade, orange juice, etc., and 3 or 4 quarts of water each day. 'Much subsequent mischief results from the concealment and amateur treatment of gonorrinea, and medical treatment of it cannot be too promptly sought.