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HEADACHE. This ache or pain is a symptom of a great many disorders.

For causes, diagnosis, constitutional treatment, etc., see THE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, pages 5oi-5o.2.

Treatment. —The cause of the headache must first be ascertained, and the treatment should be directed toward removing that. Very often a powder of 5 grains of antipyrin or 5 grains of phenacetin will remove a headache. Also, a seidlitz powder is often beneficial. The juice of an orange or of a lemon will reduce the pain, or a cup of strong tea or coffee (without milk) will sometimes bring relief. If necessary, an ice-bag should be applied to the head, and a hot mustard foot-bath taken (see BRONCHITIS). Slight massage over the affected area is very soothing.

If the headache is the result of acidity of the stomach, induce vomiting (see GASTRITIS), and every two hours take a tablespoonful of the following mixture : Sodium bromide, 2 drachms; aromatic spirits of ammonia, 2 drachms; water, enough to make 3 ounces. If the headache is chronic, take a teaspoonful

of the following before breakfast : One ounce of dried bruised bloodroot (sanguinaria) dissolved in a pint of gin. Migraine, or sick headache, is an intractable malady.

While the attack lasts nothing should be done. Vomiting will often relieve the sufferer. Rest in a dark room, ice-bag to the head, and small pieces of ice to be swallow-ed should be the routine treatment. Twenty grain doses of effervescing citrate of caffeine may be tried, or the same amount of bromide of potassium. After the attack a cup of strong tea or coffee (without milk) should be beneficial. Frequently recurring migraine demands drug treatment which only a medical man can conduct.