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HYSTERIA. —A nervous affection occurring typically in paroxysms of laughing and crying alternately and lack of self-control. with a choking, sensation in the throat, but often as a counterfeit of some organic disease. It is an affection of the nervous system, and is due generally to emotional causes.

For a discussion of its different manifestations, treatment, etc., see THE' STANDARD PHYSICIAN, Pages 542-545.

Treatment.—General absolute rest of body and mincl ; tonics ; strychnine, iron, and quinine as prescribed by a physician. In this disease the power of suggestion is marked. Try to persuade the patient that she is improving Symptomatic Treatment,—For fainting, apply ice over the heart, internally aromatic spirits of ammonia, i drachm in z ounce of water.

For Convulsions.—A physician should be consulted. Prevent patient from harming herself but otherwise she should be left alone.

INFLUENZA.—An epidemic infectious disease which is caused by the influenza bacillus. The usual course of influenza is about one week, but it may be protracted for weeks or months. Its development is rapid, and is attended by a general feeling of indisposition, headache, pains in the limbs, chilliness, nasal catarrh, and cough, and with the formation of herpetic erup tions on the lips and face, and with some rise of temperature.

Treatment.—A hot mustard foot-bath (see BRONCHITIS) should be given ; a Dover's powder (see BOWELS, INFLAMMATION OF), 2 to 5 grains for children, 5 to I° grains for adn'ts, administered, and the patient be put to bed. Castor oil, rhubarb and soda, or Epsom salt should be given (see ABDOMINAL PAINS). Hot lemonade or boneset tea, i to 2 cups taken very warm, is also good. Camphor-water is also of benefit, taken warm, r dessertspoonful three times a day. The headache and pains can be controlled by phenacetin or antipyrin, 5 grains, three times a day, but some stimulant should be combined with them. Sodium salicylate in 5-grain doses is one of the best remedies, alone or combined with aromatic spirits of ammonia, 20 drops.

In severe cases quinine should be administered, four times a day, a powder of 3 grains of quinine sulphate in a capsule. An ice-bag to the head will often overcome severe headache. See also BRONCHITIS ; COLD ; LARYN GITIS ; SORE THROAT.